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Cup Challenge II

Monday July 29th 2019
Race will starts at 8 PM
10 drivers only

New format Team of 2 drivers
Race of 900 Laps (pit every 150 laps)

Team will be created from the driver present to the event.
Will do a draw to know who will be your teammate.

Team winner will get a free month of racing at Barrie Racing Club
Entry fee 15$ per driver.

1- Yves Mayer
2- Shawn Swerdfeger
3- Richard Zarattini
4- Matt Karabetsos
5- Richard Vinnels-Bell
6- Martin Pillmajer
7- Gordon Klein
8- Claudio Colantonio
9- Ryan Davis
10- Charles Levac

Send me a message if you want to be part of this Event