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Shawn & Matt new Champion

900 Laps Shawn & Matt won the Cup Challenge II
What a race !!! 1 hour 33 minutes Shawn & Matt won the second event for the Cup. At the beginning of the race our two Champion start to lead the race and made it sound easy but it was not. Martin and Charles try hard to comeback with a slow start on the first 100 laps, seems like Charles needed to take his second cars to be able to return on the track. For sure the best lap of the race was done by Martin with a 4.853 sec. followed by Yves with 4.976 and Claudio at 5.033. Martin was getting there to bring his team to the win, missed by 9 laps. Team Gordon & Claudio lead the race at the beginning and fight for the second place for a long time. Claudio manage his best laps of the month, same for Gordon. The Audi of Gordon took some hit during the race and lost his wing taking away the downforce. We heard in the pit a rumor that Gordon is looking to get a new cars for the next event, who also mention that Audi is not on the table but i’m sure Audi will invite him to test drive their new model. The new McClaren could be the chosen one but don’t count the Corvette out of the picture even if they are not release yet, Gordon will maybe wait for them. Neil and Yves try their best tonight it will be for next time in three month. Shawn & Matt with their win gets one free month of racing.