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2nd Race of the Championship

With a new driver making is debut at Barrie Racing Club, Andrew Reston finished in third place in this 2nd race of the Championship.

Yves Mayer won the first heat while Richard Zarattini was testing some wall effect, he manage to get the best time 5.727 sec but finish short to get the first place.

Richard Zarattini won the second heat by only 2.641 over Yves Mayer and Andrew Reston.

In the main A race Yves Mayer won and now he is co-leader for the Championship, Richard Zarattini try to be too nice and Yves was able to win the race.

1- Richard Zarattini 225 Pts
1- Yves Mayer 225 Pts
3- Matt Karabetsos 91 Pts
3- Andrew Reston 91 Pts
5- Gordon Klein 78 Pts