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Launch of the new season

Launch of the new season

Thursday Oct. 8th 2020

Stock touring
Team was made last Saturday October 3rd, the captain decided together to go with the wheel to determine who will end up in each team. First pick overall driver Yves start the night for Team Shaggy with the best lap of October so far with a 8.5 sec… You would think that he will go with an easy win, well the fastest lap raely win race, Yves try hard but he at the end of the straightaway his car flew out of the track twice, giving Robbie to win the first race of the season. 

On the other hand Roberto beat his best lap of the month in the first race, while Robbie did under 9 sec on both race and won the first race, Yves came back strong in the second race with less mistake to win in the second race and at the same time put his team in first place in stock touring. 

1- Yves Mayer Team Shaggy 35 Laps 6:02.361
2- Robbie Evangelista Team Robbie 34 Laps 6:01.778
3- Roberto Evangelista Team Richard 30 Laps 6:05.923

Box Class
Robbie was flying on the track and won both race, while Roberto was struggling with batteries and Yves with his transponder, Team Robbie took all the honor of the first night. 

1- Robbie Evangelista Team Robbie 31 Laps 6:03.286 
2- Roberto Evangelista Team Richard 28 Laps 6:04.240
3- Yves Mayer Team Shaggy 28 Laps 6:09.164