GL Racing will release Formula 1 cars

GL is going to release our F1 soon. It has a couple of innovative features (“3-ways Adjustment System”) which are never be applied to mini RC of this scale:

1. Adjustable Tri-damper rear suspension

2. Adjustable Duo-damper front suspension

3. Adjustable chassis weight balance

With the proper selection of tyre and fine tune of this 3-ways Adjustment System, you will able to set up your car for all track conditions easily.

There are tremendous responses from the mini RC community on our upcoming F1 since we released its picture last week. Thanks for your support. We herein provide more information as below:

1. It is a totally newly designed chassis (not conversion of GLR or GLA).

2. It’s wheelbase is 114mm.

3. We haven’t finalized the wheels size yet.

4. The release date is around September and the team is working very hard hoping to bring forward the date.

5. Price is around USD230(GLF-001-KSET), the kit includes chassis, F1 body, spoiler, bumper, servo, ESC, motor mount, ball differential, bearings, etc. Just like GLA or GLR, you just need a receiver, a motor and a battery to make it ready to run.

6. GLF-Double Arm Suspension System

7. GLF-Rear Wing and Rear Diffuser