Barrie Racing Club Rules and Regulations

We are a family oriented club which has a primary interest in Kyosho Mini-z racing and promoting r/c racing in general. Our goal is to culture friendships and promote sportsmanship through r/c racing.

General rules:

1- Lap counting – Will be done with our Eazylap counter. (EZ Lap transponders are available on site.)

2- General conduct – We expect all drivers to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Try to race clean and don’t crash or block other drivers intentionally. Try to keep emotions in check. This is All for fun, no reason to get upset and be verbally or otherwise abusive. Anybody who is abusive may be suspended or removed from the club.

3-Attendance – We don’t have any minimum participation rules, come once every few months or every race, it’s okay. However, since we do have a lot of racing to do in one night please show up on time, or we may have to start without you. If we do start without you, don’t take it personal, you can join in the fun at whatever point you show up.
4- Marshaling – You are expected to marshal your own car. Another driver may be nice and help you out or there may even be non-drivers available to marshal, but don’t expect it. If there are others, available to marshal please don’t yell at them if they aren’t moving as fast as you’d like them to.

5- Any intentional damage to the track property or property of others the individual will be asked to leave immediately.

Class List

i) Stock Touring; PN70T
ii) Box Stock (FWD, RWD, AWD); KYO MZ9P stock motor only in Kyosho “mini-z chassis”
iii)Open (2WD / FWD, AWD / 4WD); no motor restrictions, no chassis restrictions.

Stock Touring
1. Motor PN70T
2. Hopups: All mini-z specific parts allowed, any manufacturer, including 3d printed.
3. Bodies: Any Hard plastic body. Autoscale, Jomurema, Atomic, etc. No Lexan Bodies.
4. Wings: Aftermarket wings permitted including Lexan wings.
5. Windows: Window must be installed – stock or aftermarket Lexan permitted.
6. Wheels/Tires: Any brand Wheel/Tire (RCP Tire only), offset not to exceed wheel arches. No silicone or foam tires permitted.
7. Battery: NIMH AAA batteries only, any brand.
8. Gearing: Open

Box Stock Kyosho mini z
1. Kyosho mini z chassis as supplied in RTR set.
2. RWD or FWD allowed 
3. Wheelbase from 90mm to 98mm
4. Stock Motor MZ9P only and resistor must stay
5. Pinion gear 6T
6. Kyosho Original controller
7. No modification on the board
8. No fets allowed

Upgrade available
Wheel Nut
Front Spring
3d printed wing and can’t exceed the size of the body
Reverse king pin allowed

No lexan body or windows or wing
No pan car or lemans car

Cars are subject to inspection.

2wd and 4wd Touring Open:
1. Motor: Open
2. Hopups: Open
3. Bodies: Open (Lexan permitted)
4. Wheels/Tires: Open(RCP tires only), not to exceed wheel arches. No silicone or foam tires.
5. Battery: Open. 4xAAA or Lipo/Life(2s max)
6. Gearing: Open

Qualifying / Racing

Qualifying and racing will vary depending on the night as outlined on the schedule.
Examples might include:

1. IFMAR style qualifying where you race against the clock to seat in the final race. Main(s) will be determined by most laps with the best time dividing racers into mains. Mains determined by number of racers and skill sets. This would be the typical A, B, C mains.
2. Total points style where each round is a race against all the other cars. Winner of the total round (all heats combined) will get 20 points, 2nd will get 18 points, 3rd will get 16 points etc. Each round the heats are re-sorted and a tally of the total points at the end will provided the final placing. Points determined by number of racers with the final position worth 2 points. Usually 3-4 rounds of racing each day depending on entrees. Each round is divided into heats – there is no Main race.
3. Dash racing gives each person a set time period (I.e 2 mins) to complete as many laps as possible. The number of rounds is determined to number of racers. Total laps and time added together will provide the overall winner.

Can be modified to have two cars (Dash2) racing against the clock. Cars will line up on the straight in the same line – drag race style and race on the tone.
Non racing drivers will marshal the event after their own.


Racers are expected to marshal the race following their own. Marshalling the cars in need with the same attention they would like their own cars marshalled. Marshalling points will be determined by the race director.


A race schedule will be posted with times listed for qualifiers / races – with start time adhered to.
All efforts to keep the race night fun will be put into place – however, for the essence of time being ready to race as per the schedule helps to ensure racing is done in a timely fashion.

Mercy minutes may be granted based on race directors discretion.